Balloon Man, LLC. does not have blanket pricing. Each location is different and we must do a personal visit in order to establish what the design will look like and what type of hanging techniques must be used. We will be happy to give you a free estimate at a time of your choosing.



No. Helium is costly and not required with our displays. All of our designs hang from the ceiling of your showroom and/or we integrate floor designs with our hanging designs. This helps to keep costs down for you.



There are many variables that hinder the life of a balloon. Ozone and climate conditions are the main conditions that shorten the life of a balloon. Because we use air and not helium, most of our showroom displays remain inflated for 3 weeks at a time. In very special circumstances the balloons can stay inflated for four plus weeks but it is rare. In other rare circumstances, we must change out the balloons after only two weeks but that is typically in the coastal areas. Climate conditions in each showroom vary so we can’t tell how long they will stay inflated until we set up your display.



The balloons used by Balloon Man, LLC. are made from 100% natural latex – which breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature. According to our supplier, studies indicate that the typical decomposition time for a balloon is about 6 months (about the same as an oak leaf) Latex is harvested from rubber trees – the trees are not harmed in the harvesting process and latex harvesting discourages deforestation of rain forests.


I am very pleased with the balloon display Bill has added to my showroom. It’s easy maintenance, low cost, and adds a nice “punch” to the overall “point of purchase” displays. Thanks, Bill, for a great job.

Bonnie Kilpatrick
Marketing Director, Dodge Country, Killeen, Texas

Thank you for being awesome and for making our showroom really shine!

Rachel Scoggins
Executive Assistant, Fernandez Honda, San Antonio, Texas

We're always very pleased with the displays that Balloon Man adds to our showroom. They help ensure we maintain a festive atmosphere in the showroom! He's also very prompt in updating the displays to make sure that they match the current event or holiday that we're celebrating. Great Job Bill!

Will Harper
General Sales Manager, Capitol Chevrolet, Austin, Texas

I have used Balloon Man many times over the past 5 years and they are AWESOME! Bill and his team are reliable, dependable and reasonably priced. I would recommend Balloon Man for any and all occasions.

Darren Huggins
Van Tuyl Group

Jordan Ford has been using Bill and Balloon Man LLC for several years. He is always willing to do what we ask him to in order to go hand in hand with holidays and sales promotions. If you are thinking about balloon displays in your business, Balloon Man is the way to go.”

Gerald Strain
Jordan Ford

Our dealership looks fantastic. Balloon Man came in…Saturday night for a special arrangement we needed for a [commercial] shoot we were doing on Sunday, worked til 1:30 in the morning without a complaint when asked to do the job and WOW…!!! Thank you for always going above and beyond. What a pleasure to work with!

Sharon Goodson
Red McCombs Toyota-San Antonio, TX

Thank you for being a vital part of the success our the "Trailer Tow Safety" Clinic! The creative showroom display of signage and balloons were appealing and professional! The showroom event's picture has been posted on Chrysler's own Facebook page as an example to other Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep dealerships to follow, and was the lead event-picture featured for the article in Automotive News (January 26, 2015). You created a fun environment!

Ron Thompson Tomball Dodge
1st Chrysler salesman to obtain their "Most Valuable Professional" designation

Bill has been our "Balloon Man" for the last four years and has done beautiful balloon work…He is fast, responsive and most importantly consistent! We will definitely continue to work with him…

Kim Nguyen

We at Sames CDJR, Bastrop, TX love The Balloon Man. He sneaks in like a Christmas Elf and bam! Different colors monthly. He's like a balloon Ninja! They are prompt to answer questions, take color requests when the colors are available. It brightens the dealership floor and the comments from customers (and the kiddos) are constant and positive. Thank you SO much.
-Apriljean Atwood, Sames DCJR, Bastrop TX

I have personally seen his work at several dealerships. I gotta tell you it is out standing! I highly recommend Bill Allen and Balloon Man LLC if you need to spruce up your showroom floor.
John Shumaker


Fantastic work, you can’t ask for anything better! The balloon display lasts for weeks not days. Highly recommend Bill Allen (AKA) Balloon Man LLC.

Josh Deaton

Balloon Man does and excellent job. They are fast, friendly and efficient.

Chris Jenkins, Mike Smith Honda




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